guaranteed quality of products and competitive pricing

Here at Manchester Packaging Company we extrude our own material from both virgin and reprocessed (or recycled) polyethylene resins.

By working directly with us at the manufacturing level, this allows you to keep costs in line considering you are not paying for a middleman or broker. What you receive through this process is as follows:

  1. Reasonable minimum orders
  2. Guaranteed quality of products
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. For repeating orders, a delivery program to assist in minimized inventory for your business
  5. Fast turnaround on orders



Image of Truck leaving MPC Warehouse

We utilize a variety of carriers and can take care of your shipment; from as small as a single package, all the way to full truckload shipments. We strive to guarantee quality shipments and undamaged orders. Additionally, we can offer local delivery to you on one of our trucks for specific locations in the State of Missouri, namely: Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

We do ship all over the United States, examples of locations we have or currently ship to are displayed on the map below. (This is not a complete representation, for more information about shipping to your city, please contact customer service).

Partial Distribution Map for MPC

Gold Star = Manchester Packaging Company Location
Blue Dots = Locations where we have or currently ship products