Extrusion Winder

We manufacture mono-layer and 3-layer co-extruded polyethylene blown film from prime, FDA Resins.

Computer controlled equipment assures you of repeatable quality every order. Whether you are looking for shrink film, form-fill-and-seal sheeting, tubing or center-fold or bundling film, Manchester Packaging Company makes it. We also make colored films in varying tints to opaque.

If you need liner, clarity, fractional melt, tough linear low density blends, or metallocene; call us with your specifications. Our resin blends can offer you significant savings through down-gauging without loss of physical properties. For environmental source reduction that increases your profit without sacrificing performance, contact us.

Resin Color Pallet Resin blends and color additives

We offer a varity of resin blends and additives to meet your customized needs.

We stock several color concentrates. Those are listed below. Other colors are available by special order through our customer service department.



Resin & Colors Tables
  • Liner
  • High Clarity
  • Linear Low
  • Low Slip
  • No Slip
  • Frozen Food Films
  • Metallocene
  • Shrink Film
  • USPS Poly Wrap Film
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Blue
  • Green
  • Gray
  • Ivory (Buff)
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
3-Layer Co-extruded film
Co-Extruded Microscopic Cross Section
Microscopic Cross Section of 3-Layer Co-Extruded Film

We have the capability to produce 3-Layer Co-Extruded Film, which offers advantages that mono-layer film alone cannot. Our co-extrusion line combines multiple materials into one structure that achieves enhanced physical properties and performance characteristics.

  • Three thin layers are extruded to make one film that meets the targeted film performance characteristics your application requires.
  • Each layer provides certain physical properties.
  • By using 3-Layer Co-Extruded Film, down gauging (Less PE) is possible without loss of physical properties. Less material can result in lower total packaging costs.


sizes and constructions

Our equipment allows us to create custom size film and constructions to fit your need. The following table is an example of the different constructions and sizes.

Film Type Minimum Size Maximum Size
Layflat Tube 4 inches 60 inches
Gusset Tube 4 inches x 2 inches 48 inches x 30 inches
Center-Fold 4 Inches 62 inches
J-Fold 4 inches 62 inches
J-Fold Lip Sizes 1/4 inches 8 inches
Single Wound Sheet 4 inches 62 inches
  • All film is wound on 3 inch cores under careful tension control to assure quality roll conformity.
    6 inch cores can be accommodated.
  • Lower minimum orders that many film producers. Order as little as 150 lbs. of narrow tubing 4 inches to 14 inches or 500 lbs. in the 15 inch to 48 inch range. Larger sizes may require 1000 lbs. minimum order depending upon construction.
  • Film may be corona treated for printing or adhesive applications.




Our film provides uses for a variety of applications. Some examples are located in the table below.

  • Shrink Bundling
  • Form Fill and Seal
  • Converting
  • Laminating
  • Printing
  • Degradeables