Custom Manufacturer of Polyethylene Blown Film and Bags

Founded in 1969, Manchester Packaging Company began business with the goal of providing our customers with quality economical packaging and we continue that tradition today.

We will be glad to provide your company with a competitive quote for shrink film, form fill and seal film (plain or printed), wicketed bags, bags perforated on rolls (POR), draw tape bags or any other poly bag that you may need.
We strive to provide the highest quality custom polyethylene film and bags for manufacturers, wholesales and distributors, and retail business.

Below you will see the different processes we are able to offer to help you create that custom film or bag you need.

Blown Film Bubble

Quality Polyethylene Film

We manufacture FDA approved polyethylene blown film using prime resins. We offer mono-layer and 3-layer co-extruded film in no-slip, medium slip, high slip, linear clarity and/or other special blends; including Biopolymer blends to meet your needs.

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Soma Optima2 8-Color Press

1 to 8 Color Printing

Using Flexographic Technology we are capable of printing 1 to 8 colors in either line or process printed designs, surface printed film, reverse printed film, surface printed bags, or reverse printed bags.

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Converting Bag Machine

Creating Bags

We custom manufacture printed and unprinted side seal and bottom seal bags for many packaging applications. We will make the size and construction to meet almost any packaging requirement for which mono-layer or co-extruded polyethylene can be used, within the limits of our equipment.

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